Terms and Conditions

By completing this registration form, parents and/or legal guardians agree to the Terms and Conditions below:

  • At the discretion of the School directors, a student whose actions contravene the rules of the School, or are deemed inappropriate, unacceptable, dangerous or incompatible with the core values and the School, may be withdrawn from the School. No reimbursement of tuition fee will be administered.
  • Students who use foul language, show disrespect for administrators, other students, or who engage in violent or aggressive actions will not be tolerated and will be recused from class.
  • In the event of a major or minor incident or emergency, School administrators are authorized to tend to my child/ren and seek appropriate medical intervention and to act the interest of the child. Parents and/or legal guardians will be notified of all major, minor or emergency situations.
  • I recognized that my child/ren may be photographed or filmed for online and printed promotion and marketing purposes. All raw and edited content is the property of the School for an undetermined period of time.
  • In the case of property damages caused by a child’s actions or behaviour, parents and/or legal guardians agree to pay for whatever costs associated to damages.