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Founded in 1976, the Al-Arz Lebanese Art Group is North America’s leading Lebanese performing arts organization. The Group is committed to the creation, development and promotion of Canadian stage work, shining the light on rising and established artists of Lebanese background. It boasts over a quarter century of artistic achievements with a focus on theatre, music and dance.

Al-Arz, meaning the Cedar – Lebanon’s national symbol, is Canada’s ambassador of Lebanese culture. It brings together approximately 40 artists in a myriad of programs and events that celebrate the wealth and excellence of Lebanese performing artists in Canada.



The Al-Arz Lebanese Dance Group is devoted to the creation, advancement and dissemination of Lebanese dance in Canada and particularly in the National Capital Region. The dance section of Al-Arz is the pulse of the organization. It is recognized as North America’s leading Lebanese dance group.

It enjoys accolades for its repertoire of original and dynamic dance creations that embrace traditional folk styles but cross the boundaries of inherited movement and rhythm. Al-Arz’s inimitable style is a unique form of dance expression that is experienced by audiences in Canada and abroad.

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The Zaffé is a traditional wedding ceremony procession that adds that personal touch to a bride a groom’s special day. We offer this service in a variety of tailor-made packages that include a saber performer, percussionists and dancers. We are able to adapt our zaffés to many Middle- Eastern traditions to offer you a unique procession. Adapted zaffés for wedding ceremonies of mixed cultures are also possible and are known as Al-Arz’s “Canadian zaffé” specialty.

For detailed packages and price quotes, we encourage you to make an appointment for a personalized service presentation. 


Al-Arz Lebanese Art Group Ottawa

School of Dance

CSLD - Tony's Advanced Class (2)

The Canadian School of Lebanese Dance (CSLD) was founded in Ottawa in 1993 with a mandate to provide training in Lebanese dance (dabké) and baladi to students of all ages. The School teaches many styles of Lebanese dance and provides a learning environment that promotes enjoyment, artistic growth and personal development.

Classes in dabké are offered to adults and children between the ages of 8 and 16. Baladi and jazz classes are available to adults only and are scheduled in blocks of ten weeks during winter and fall semesters.

Al-Arz Lebanese Art Group Ottawa


Jarra Choreography - Petra

The theatre section of the organization is composed of a dynamic group of theatre artists of all ages who share their passion for Lebanese theatre through the presentation of annual multidisciplinary and full-length stage productions. Many local male and female actors have been members of Al-Arz since 1976 and continue to be at the heart Al-Arz’s stage knowledge and successes. Open audiences are held each year for those who would like to share the stage with other talented artists.

Al-Arz Lebanese Art Group Ottawa

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